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COVID-19 Questions:

How can antibodies help combat the COVID-19 crisis?

Antibodies are made off of exposure to a virus and as of now, they’re not quite sure how it will fight against a second emergence of COVID-19. Hopefully, when the antibody tests come out we find out that more people potentially had it and just never got the signs and symptoms. That way if there is a second wave, those antibodies are there to help fight off the same strain of the virus, that is, if it doesn’t mutate. 

What are some tips to limit stress in quarantine?

Being physical and active is going to be huge to limit stress. I recommend taking walks, exercising, and overall just keeping your body active. It's also necessary to keep your brain busy. I know if I’m at home with the kids, I play a lot of board games with them and try to keep them away from the internet as much as possible. I think that also planning for the next month and when we do come out of this is also super important. Having a plan for your business or for your kids will keep your mind busy which reduces stress.

I really miss my chiropractic adjustments. Is there anything I can do to keep my spine healthy while in quarantine?

Chiropractic right now is considered essential. If you’re afraid to leave the house though and are still nervous about going into some sort of a medical center, there's a lot that can be done to keep your spine healthy. I'd recommend maintaining lower back health through some of your core exercises. Working on hamstring flexibility is big as well. Currently, we are open as a medical center, as a functional medical center. We are taking every precaution to keep our staff and patients healthy and are are not seeing sick patients. We're taking temperatures outside and our staff is fully loaded with everything to keep them safe and our patients safe.

Now that spring sports are cancelled, how can I keep my kids active and fit? 

Sports are going to resume but besides that, I think for mental health, it's really good for these kids to be active. There are some great options out there that don't require much equipment and keeps the kids engaged. I recommend finding a Zoom type of meeting where they are able to see other kids staying active. For me and my kids, I think the bigger factor was getting them onto a site where they can see other kids doing activities and staying active.

How can we ensure vaccine safety with no long-term or animal testing?

I’d recommend watching Dr. Fauci who is the leading infectious disease doctor and just recently had a press conference addressing some of these things. But to try and answer simply, they are accelerating the production of these vaccines so they’re being tested accordingly. While they are usually tested on animals, because of this pandemic, they are grabbing healthy volunteers and are giving them the vaccines to see if there are any adverse effects. Once they ensure that the patient doesn’t have an adverse response, they have to make sure that that patient isn’t more vulnerable to the actual virus after being exposed to the vaccine. Unfortunately, it’s common that some of the antibodies used to treat viruses will leave a patient more vulnerable to the virus. So that’s why developing a good vaccine takes time, and this vaccine will probably need about a year before it’s ready for the public.


What precautions should we follow when receiving packages and/or goods from the grocery store?

I’d err on the side of caution because I don’t think you can be too safe right now. When opening and bringing a package or groceries into the house, you should be wearing a pair of gloves. If it’s something that you can spray, I would spray it with some kind disinfectant just to ensure that it’s not contaminated. I don’t think the virus is withstanding a shipment that you can then be exposed to and contract, but there’s not a lot out there on the subject matter so you can’t be too safe.


How can I boost my immune system?

Obviously, there are a host of ways to give your system a boost if you’re unable to get out of your house. Your immune system benefits from high levels of vitamin C and Zinc, rest plays a huge role, and conversely, your stress level will play a huge role in bringing your immune system down. At our centers, many patients are coming in and getting vitamin infusions which are your best means to keep your immune system strong.


What is the correlation between COVID-19 and the loss of taste and smell?

The loss of taste and smell seems to be a prevalent sign and symptom, but we’re hearing there are different forms of COVID-19 presentation. Usually, you’ll see a high fever, some type of a cough related symptom and, yes, the loss in taste and smell. But if you’re home with a high fever and can still smell and taste, I would still get tested. I wouldn’t count on just one symptom to be the determining factor of whether you have it or not.

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