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The Incredible Changing Future of Sports: Superstar Parents, Pro DNA & Athlete Environments

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Attention sports parents: there’s something we need to talk about. It’s the reality of what the very popular world of sports is today. We have never seen something like this in history, but just to let you know, this is going to be the norm going forward. Look at each one of these superstar athletes: Coco Gauff, Seth Jones, Lebron James Jr. and Bobby Witt Jr. They are all different, obviously in the sports they play, but also in their lifestyles. However they have one thing in common: all of them have been bred to be superstar athletes by superstar parents. These are only 4 examples, but there are hundreds more and there are thousands to come. The world of sports is changing, and it’s because DNA and environment DO matter. No matter how many teams your son or daughter play on, and no matter how many camps you send them to, and no matter how many games they watch on TV... PLEASE be aware that this is the DNA that they are competing against. Tennis player @cocogauff ‘s mother and father were both superstar collegiate athletes. You have possibly heard her name recently, and you will definitely hear it in the future as she is set to become one of the greatest tennis players to ever live. Not only were her mother and father also athletes, but her father precisely raised her to be the tennis player she is, AND the amazing young woman that she has become. NHL player @seth_jones is the son of former Denver Nuggets NBA player Popeye Jones. Popeye Jones saw that his son had an opportunity in the world of hockey to be something exceptional, and had the resources and knowledge to place his son exactly where he had to be... along with blessing him with the necessary DNA. Lebron James Jr...Let me say no more. @bronniejr MLB player @bwitter15 ‘s father, Bobby Witt is one of the greatest baseball players to set foot on the diamond. I don’t say this to angle you away from your children and the world of sports. But I just wanted this to be a wake up call to know what reality really is. These kids are gifted with exceptional athletic DNA, and their parents are raising them to be superstars athletes and more importantly, exceptional human beings.

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